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Indie Rock Takes a Quarantine Turn with Plastic Barricades' Latest Album: We Stayed Indoors

London's Plastic Barricades recently unleashed their latest creation, "We Stayed Indoors," and it's not your average musical affair. The album dives deep into the messy mix of hope, mental gymnastics, and a bit of courage, all set against a backdrop of pandemic reflections.

Album cover for Plastic Barricades album We Stayed Indoors. It features pink and green clouds, and two people looking out of a clear plastic box
Plastic Barricades "We Stayed Indoors"

Taking cues from Seattle alt-rock legends Death Cab for Cutie, the album's title pays a subtle homage to their 2001 hit "We Laugh Indoors." But it's not just about the tunes; the visuals are turning heads too. The "Counting Fireworks" video, shot in one take, bagged some fancy awards at film festivals, making the band the cool kids on the block.

And there's more visual goodness—think "For the Brave" with London artist Olly Holovchenko, a stop-motion adventure that adds a unique twist. Meanwhile, "Lucid in the Fall," "Tallest Trees," and "Second-hand Dreams" bring a dash of tech magic with neural networks and text-to-image tricks.

The singles are making waves globally, getting nods from music blogs and rocking the airwaves from the UK to Brazil.

Behind the scenes, Plastic Barricades has a dream team: drummer Chris Barber from Sheffield, vocal maestro Aellie Coto in Berlin, and the songwriting prowess of Luke Joyce and John Sibley. Tom Hill works his audio mojo at Bookhouse Studios, and the legendary Andy "Hippie" Baldwin sprinkles some mastering stardust at Metropolis Studios.

In a nutshell, Dan Kert and the Plastic Barricades crew have dropped another gem with "We Stayed Indoors." So, if you're ready for a musical journey without the cheese overload, this one's for you!

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