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Introducing: Lost Dogs of Ultimo

Hi thanks for the opportunity to chat about the project Im Pauli and I write play Bass and guitar recently collaborated with Melbourne Hip Hop artist Cloutie Will on the last release The Wanderer also Neil Johnson Drummer Technical engineer, Olivia Baker played Clarinet and James McKenzie Vocals

A black & white image of a man holding a guitar case, standing in front of a door with a painting of a woman on. Lost Dogs of Ultimo, as featured on Its Indie and we know it
Lost Dogs of Ultimo

I created the idea of the band in 2021 coming out of lockdown to explore street art and culture with my camera then made the music to add to it then it progressed from there into its current format engaging collaborators for the music recording/ writing for the themes I have played with Neil in numerous bands over the years, we would also roadie for each other when not in the band Cloutie Will I met in Melbourne, she was supporting another artist I know and I was chatting to her after the Gig. I asked if she wanted to be involved in the project. Olivia I have known for 10 years through her parents I wanted to use some clarinet and she was kind enough to record for us. James is a radio presenter at 3CR in Melbourne I got to meet and become friends after he interviewed me on his show. I loved the richness of tone in his voice and thought he would be a great fit for the next project

I'm into experimental punk music with a dash of reggae and a splash of Hip Hop. As I build relationships with other artists and musicians I find I enjoy bringing other genres into the project for the future there are no rules or boundaries in my creativity.

I like taking a simple idea and developing it, sharing the creative process with the other people involved. I then watch the idea evolve into the final product for release

I have explored through my music release the themes of Death, Mental Health, Street art and culture, Sexuality and Temptation

I grew up listening to great bands like MC5 New York Dolls The Saints and Can so that resonates with me continually today. I still play their albums

If you want to find my music, you can find it at:

When performing live, I enjoy the connection with the audience as they respond to the rhythm or beats of song its a primal and tribal thing music when we connect

My message to fans is simple. Respect, stay safe, live life and love hard.

For the future, we are just going into the studio to finish our next EP and get ready to promote that, hopefully play a few shows. I think that when a band has a core group and works with collaborators they bring energy and collective vision so there is always something new bubbling away ready to explore artistically the future looks good

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