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Introducing: Michael Webster

Hi there, my name is Michael - I write songs, play guitar and sing, produce and record, and I also

play a bunch of instruments on the studio recordings, including bass, harmonica and organ!

Image of a man standing in a dark road. Michael Wester, as featured on Its Indie and we know it
Michael Webster - Photo by davidbardenmedia

I started writing songs way back in around 2012, I’ve always had a real keen interest in music and over the past few years I’ve been taking it all more seriously, I run events and perform regularly across the city!

I call my music “folk-grunge”, a culmination of my inspirations ranging from artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Phoebe Bridgers, to more 90’s alternative acts like Nirvana, Built To Spill and Pavement.

I love the process of writing music. I love it when a song just comes together - both in the writing process and the production. Being able to put it all in a balance, in unison with itself and to create something is lovely. There’s a lot of politics within my music, and a lot of socio-economic coverage - I’ve grown up in the North, and seeing the struggles that we have to endure on a day-to-day basis is heavily engrained within my writing.

I listen to so much music and have so many influences, ranging from pop to grunge to hiphop, I think as previously mentioned Bob Dylan, Built To Spill - but also rappers like Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar. I try to never limit myself to any genres!

All my music is available on streaming platforms, I’ve got a YouTube account at where all my music videos are and I’ve got a Bandcamp at

I love the freedom of live performances. I’ve got a lot of songs, and being able to perform them regularly, having the opportunity to talk about them, play them slightly different each time, bringing in different angles to each - it’s a lovely feeling.

Through my music, I think that my key message would be a message of unity. We’re all in this together.

I’ve got a load of plans for the future - not just for my music, but working with other artists through my label Bread Records. I’m in the process of working on more releases too, and a bunch of live events!

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