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Introducing: Solnedgang

Hi, I’m Jon and I’m the only member of Solnedgang, so I do basically everything, though guitar is my main instrument.

Cover art for Solnedgang - as featured on Its Indie And We Know It

I got back into playing guitar and writing music at the end of 2022, after a long period

where I was playing less and less and not really writing at all. I quite liked the new stuff I

was doing, so I decided to start this Solnedgang project.

I would describe my music as immersive, atmospheric and melodic instrumental music in the post-rock/metal realm. It’s quite dynamic quiet/loud music, and hopefully with melodies that resonate with people. I try to not limit myself too much in terms of sound, and I’m influenced by loads of different music, so hopefully that makes it a bit interesting.

I really enjoy the very first part when making music, when I’m just noodling away on the guitar and come up with something that sounds interesting, and then make that into a proper riff, or at least the

melodic basis of a song. I also enjoy fleshing it out to a proper song, maybe combining it with another piece of music I’ve already written. So essentially, I most enjoy the initial creative process, and then the finished piece. There is a lot of trial and error, moving stuff back and forth, and maybe some re-recording that’s not so enjoyable, haha.

When it comes to themes I like to explore, I’ve always been very interested in mythology (particularly Norse mythology, as I’m from Norway originally) and religion. I’m an agnostic/atheist (depending on how you define those terms), but I find it very fascinating.

Some artists that have had a huge influence, I would say Mono, Pelican, the Ocean, The Cure, Mastodon and a Norwegian band called Seigmen.

If people want to find my music, ‘Nornir’ is out on all streaming platforms, and the EP will be as well (released end of January) but is the best place really, as you can download the music (pay what you want) and there are some demos on there as well – and some

merch. Links to everything are on I don’t play live, unfortunately, but what I would have enjoyed the most is probably talking to people after the gig. Talking to people online is completely different, though I enjoy that too.

Music is such a big emotional release for me, so if listeners can have something close to that experience that would be the main thing to take away. Hopefully, there are some memorable melodies and riffs as well. Since I play instrumental music, it’s very easy for listeners to superimpose their feelings and meaning on the music. My debut EP is coming out at the end of January, and I’ll finish off the tracks for the album around the same time, so hopefully that will be out in the spring. I haven’t thought any further ahead than that to be honest.

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