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Lightning Reviews! 19 May

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Let us take you on another flying visit to the world of great music as we bring you another round of our Lightning Reviews, where we try to review songs in 40 words of less. It used to be 30 words or less but that was too difficult to write anything meaningful... and what's the point of making your own rules if you can't break 'em?

Laissez Faire "Chloe"

Bristol's Laissez Faire return with their new track "Chloe"

It's a cracking indie rock outing with an element of The Kooks in the vocals

This guitar driven indie anthem is going to sound awesome in a filled arena!

Our rating: 8.5/10

Filthy Tricks "Leah"

From the first beat, "Leah" had me intrigued.

Hearing the song build up the way it does, you expect a massive chorus. And you're not disappointed! Telling a very personal story, this is one you need to hear.

Our rating: 9.0/10

Floodhounds "Something Primeval"

Another song to grab you from the first beat is the new one from Sheffield's Floodhounds.

Pure, indulgent indie rock with a stonking guitar riff throughout and semi-shouted vocals (to stand above that guitar), this is one banging tune!

Our rating: 9.0/10

Enjoyable Listens "Summer Hit"

This one does exactly what it says on the tin!

Chilled out and with nothing heavy to hurt your ears, the deep voice comes something of a surprise, the music is just divine and this is indeed a very enjoyable listen.

Our rating: 9.6/10

Squangey Bobbins "Hindsight"

[ed. and the award for best band name goes to...]

Kent's Squangey Bobbins may have released this track a few months ago but it deserves to be heard!

Here's a tune for you to belt out at full volume as you drive with your windows down!

Our rating: 8.9/10


Need some socials to follow these great artists?

Laissez Faire on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify

Filthy Tricks on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify

Floodhounds on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify

Enjoyable Listens on Facebook and Spotify

Squangey Bobbins on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify


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