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New Music: Berne "Stay"

Berne are back with another electronic, ambient pop tune, following on from their big tune "To The Lions" earlier this year.

Cartoon image of the band Berne looking at a sad Planet Earth
Berne "To The Lions"

I think it's fair to say that Berne really care about the natural world and they are using their music as a weapon to highlight all that is wrong in the world.

Their previous single "To The Lions" was a plea to the world to wake up to the suffering of animals in captivity, with their evocative video telling the story from the point of view of a caged lion, drawing an uncanny likeness to the situation we all face with the coronavirus lock-down.

Now though, the London based alt-pop duo have turned their attention to a much bigger problem, the condition that we have created for Planet Earth. The song asks the planet to bear with us just a little longer, as we try to fix all the issues we have caused it.

Singer, Maltese born Deborah Borg Brincat, delivers another mesmerising performance of eerily ethereal vocals while Gianluca Pulvirenti assists in building an electronic soundscape that emphasises the message that the song tries to deliver. Once again accompanied by a thought-provoking video, Berne have delivered a complete package that leaves no doubt as to the story they tell.

Two people cannot change the world on their own. But as they continue to highlight the issues that are important to them (and that should be important to everyone!), by building a solid following and by making some great music along the way, these two people are determined to make their voices heard.

Our rating: 8.4/10


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