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new music: bianca aristia "hurt by rejection"

HURT BY REJECTION is the latest release by R&B singer-songwriter Bianca Aristía.

Inspired by Trap and Hip Hop vibes, the song takes on an aggressive tone, but still creates an ambience, that is captivating and layered with mesmerizing melodies and profound lyrics.

It’s about the pain of rejection, but ultimately and above all it is an anthem of empowering people. The singer draws from her personal experiences and childhood trauma of not finding acceptance, that also reflected in her adult relationships and gave rise to lots of resentment and anger.

Though negative, these emotions are sources of personal power and expressing them is a key element of healing. This is what Bianca Aristía came to share with the world – HURT BY REJECTION is written for everyone, who felt unwelcome and not as appreciated as we all should be, creating a platform for connection and bringing people together to find solace.

Produced/mixed by RE:MIND (Daniel Wierczeiko), with whom she’s been working on an entire album, this masterpiece is sure to enthral the earbuds of Hip Hop and R&B lovers with its trap beat, vibrant synths and excellent live guitar lines.

Bianca’s smooth vocals are showing off edgy and powerful passages and low register warm sounds with spellbinding emotive undertones. Her voice enthused not only the entire jury of the TV show The Voice of Germany in the past, but also the hearts of her fans, whom she won over in her live concerts in Mexico, Spain and Germany and in her daily radio play in Brazil, Canada and Tanzania.

Bianca Aristía is bringing more than just a good song, she is the voice of the voiceless and shares this exciting track filled with so much authenticity that will resonate deeply with people and echo in their minds for many nights to come.

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