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new music: crzy horse "liketure"

We love a bit of pop here at It's Indie Towers, and we were recently introduced to Crzy Horse and his most recent release, Liketure, a genuine pop banger!

Liketure, a portmanteau of "like" and "culture" is a nod to Social Media and the constant need for validation. And as the song suggests, this trait can become toxic and lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Searching for those likes in order to feel popular can become a very powerful emotional. "If you're gonna like it, I'ma milk it!" could almost be the mantra of any of us

It's a bass driven EDM track that has simple but effective, repetitive lyrics which come together to create a memorable track worthy of a place on your Friday Night playlist. Ultimately, this song is very thought-provoking, feeling timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Crzy Horse has built a decent back catalogue of catchy dance tracks and Liketure sets the bar higher in terms of pushing his creativity forward and showing the world what he can do with his tracks and flow! After all, the best thing about new age music is how much personality each artist can bring to the table, and Crzy Horse can definitely count on that unique factor, which not many aspiring artists can achieve so seamlessly in this day and age.

It may be a couple of months old but I'd definitely recommend you give this track a listen!

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