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New Music: Enjoyable Listens "Key Of Innocence"

If there is an upside to the corona virus disruption, it's that I have had more time to listen to great new music.

As the lockdown began to bite, back in April, I was introduced to Enjoyable Listens. The first track, Summer Hit was swiftly followed by the equally brilliant International Space Station at the end of June.

Within the blink of an eye, Enjoyable Listens have launched another assault with the release of Key of Innocence - and I believe this is the best track to date.

"Enjoyable Listens formed in 2018 as a two piece. Luke Duffett and then partner, Jimbo Savage lived in a derelict pub in Greenwich. They were both pursuing separate paths as songwriters, but in a novel attempt to make beer money (they lived across the road from a Wetherspoons, you see), they’d dress up and busk by the Cutty Sark. Luke wore a skeleton suit and a bowler hat, Jimbo, a long orange linen dress and 1970’s hustler daddy sunglasses. They were quite successful in the late summer months. That was really where it all started."

Luke has a fabulous voice, seemingly a cocktail of Jarvis Cocker, George Ezra, Peter Hook... and he uses it to devastating effect by marrying the vocals with devilishly catchy tunes. Key of Innocence is exactly that, catchy in the extreme. Rumoured to be recorded on a Mac that was bought on Gumtree at the beginning of lockdown, there's an air of innocence around the production itself which serves to build on the subject matter of a nostalgic look at the innocence of youth.

I've fought really hard not to say it but I can no longer resist the temptation. Enjoyable Listens... do exactly what it says on the tin... and then some.


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