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new music: freddie dickson "idiot's dream" (ep)

The great thing about what we do here is that every so often, a little gem will land in the inbox and it blows you away.

The new 4 track EP from Freddie Dickson, Idiot's Dream, is jaw-droppingly good from the moment you press play.

The EP gives an insight into the upheaval Freddie experienced when, in 2018, he uprooted from his native London to move to Berlin. Not knowing anyone there and unable to speak the language, challenges aplenty were ahead.

Opening with the title track, we're immediately treated to the Nick Cave-like eerie vocals sitting on top of an intricate guitar track, the lyrics implying the questioning of the decision to emigrate but with the hope and determination to win over a loved one.

Slowing down the pace dramatically, Sky Without Wings for me is the stand out track. A much stripped out track with an almost Gospel sound, a single organ holding the music and delicate drum beat allowing the vocals to convey an emptiness but supported beautifully by a choir during the chorus.

A much more upbeat track, Night People implies a change of direction and almost a "lightbulb moment". The lyrics "it was nobody's time but mine" stand out as the point where Freddie realised that he was where he should be and it was time to seize the day - an uplifting track in both the music and the message behind it.

The final song Let The Good Things Last A Long Time brings the pace right down and serves as a wistful look back at the journey so far. It reminisces on the more difficult days as well as delivering the self-advice to not dwell on the darker moments, to cling to the good times and to learn from earlier mistakes.

All in all, this is a very clever, dark-yet-hopeful story which (we hope!) has a happy ending. A brilliant piece of songwriting that is delivered in a reverb-driven atmospheric style - one for lovers of thought-provoking art

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