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New Music: glue70 "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow"

glue70 has done it again. Just when you think his previous track couldn't be topped, along comes double release "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow."

Manchester's glue70 has always been a bit of a do-it-yourself kinda guy, teaching himself music by editing videos online. Since then he has written and produced many a great tune, including the super-happy sounding synth-pop "Casin" which has to date racked up almost 14 million streams on Spotify.

"Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow" are smooth jazz inspired R'n'B tunes that are a million miles from the super-happy synth-pop "Casin" and mark a major change of direction, while retaining the familiar vocal chops that have been prevalent throughout the earlier releases.

As you listen to either of these tracks you can sense something bubbling underneath. It feels not only like a change of musical direction but a complete personality shift, chilled as though a barrier has finally been navigated, allowing glue70 to express his innermost feelings more than ever. The shackles are off and all focus is channelled into the album "2070" which is due later this year.

Immerse yourself in "Dark Days" and "Time Goes Slow" and appreciate the complexity of the construction of the music and we're pretty sure that you'll become a glue70 fan.


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