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New Music: INEGO "Phoenix Arizona"

It's always nice when old friends raise their heads above the parapet and release new music, and so it was a delight when INEGO announced their new single "Phoenix Arizona".

True to form, INEGO have dipped into their vast talent pool and produced another dancefloor infused pop/rock classic. The song, driven by an infectious bass line, talks about losing yourself in music and to be honest, that's exactly what will happen when you click that "play" button.

Accompanied by a very clever animated video by the very talented Dan Crew (who was responsible for a couple of the videos from those other It's Indie favourites, METHODS), this is yet another one of those INEGO songs that stick with you. One thing is for sure, these chaps have found the magic formula of how to write super catchy tunes!

For the uninitiated, INEGO deliver a combination of music reminiscent of the 80's, with a twist of New Order underpinning the whole project, as well as a completely fresh sound of their own. How can something sound original whilst also sounding retro? There's only one way to find out!

Oh, by the way, our rating of the song is 9.3/10


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