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New Music: June Catch-Up

June has been a really busy month for new music and we've seen some huge tracks over the past few weeks. As the month rapidly draws to a close, we still have a gazillion songs* to bring you... let's dive in!

(*Could be a slight exaggeration. Who knows?)

Thumper - Topher Grace
Thumper "Topher Grace" (image credit Ruth Medjber)

You know when you hear a song and wish it could last for over six minutes? Wish no more!

Dublin's Thumper are turning the volume up and twiddling the distortion knobs as they bring you their latest rock n roll epic "Topher Grace"

As with their other release of the year "Ad Naseum", Thumper grab your attention with some crunchy guitar and singer Oisin Furlong's sing-but-shout vocals that give this band a real raw sound. "Topher Grace" takes the very soul of rock n roll and brings it to life with a grungy aggression and force that is the equivalent of a 6-man defibrillator.

Our rating: A very loud 9.0/10

Enjoyable Listens - International Space Station

We last looked in on Enjoyable Listens when he released his Summer hit, the appropriately title "Summer Hit."

Well now he is back with the brilliantly understated "International Space Station" - and it's a very tongue in cheek Country song.

You'll be surprised by Luke's vocals. His voice, much like George Ezra, is not what you would expect to hear from one so young.

It is a certified love song with a classic country style and is a guaranteed toe-tapping, line-dancing, jolly jape that once again lives up to the name of an enjoyable listen. Oh, and I'm assured that the majority of the video was filmed on board the International Space Station, and I have no reason to doubt this.

Our rating: A knee-hitching 8.8/10

Luna Blue - Away With You

If you are looking for a cracking Summer anthem, you don't need to look much further than Luna Blue's newest track "Away With You"

Providing you with that familiar indie pop sound that we love so much here at It's Indie Towers, "Away With You" is an up-tempo, sparkly guitar tune with a sprinkle of funk and a dash of falsetto vocals.

I'm new to the Luna Blue bus but having heard "Away With You" and the other tracks you can find on Spotify, I'm definitely one of the happy passengers that like the direction this upcoming band are heading.

Our rating: A pop-tastic 9.1/10

Glass Violet - Clockwork

Another band to return to our inbox are the exceptional Glass Violet.

Responsible for one of the longest-running tracks on the It's Indie Top 40 earlier this year, Glass Violet have upped the ante with their new single "Clockwork."

Continuing with their familiar sound, chunky drums and solid guitar, "Clockwork" has a brooding air to it, filled with atmospheric, echoey backing vocals and on point vocals throughout.

"It's a song about time and space, and reflecting on becoming more consciou