• Davv

New Music: Lightning Reviews (Issue 8)

The great music keeps coming and July is already turning into a bumper month! Let's have a dive into some new tracks from some more great artists.

New Language "Paranoid"

If The Killers and Fall Out Boy had a baby, that baby would be "Paranoid" - the new single from New Language.

It's a combination of pulsing indie pop verses and pounding pop punk choruses, resulting in an epic rock masterpiece.

Our rating: 9.2/10

in earnest "come upstairs"

You've no idea how long I've waited to share this one!

I cannot put into words how good this song is. A simple acoustic guitar track, some delicate strings weaving between that and the absolutely immaculate vocals make "Come Upstairs" a beautiful, gentle, incredible song.

We have never done this before but...

Our rating: 10/10

Fur Echo "Idle Threats"

The third single of the year from Fur Echo sees an uplift in pace to the previous two.

Some nifty guitar take the lead and they are confidently accompanied by the vocals, coming together to create a classic rock song that marks Fur Echo as one to watch!

Our rating: 8.8/10

Release(r) "Should've Known Better"

If you were a fan of 80's classic rock, you will probably remember this track by Richard Marx. Release(r) have.. er... release(d) their own version of the song and it's as if they jumped into a time machine to record it.

Sounding more like the original than the original, this is a perfectly reworked cover version. It's bound to generate a whole new set of fans for Release(r) - and they already have the approval of Richard Marx himself

Our rating: 9.1/10

Juliet July - Gone

Amsterdam-based Juliet July releases her alternative R'n'B single "Gone" from her EP "Palm Trees In The Mist".