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New Music: Lightning Reviews (Issue 9)

Crikey, it's been almost a month since we last did one of our Lightning Review features! Time to put that right, I think.

As you may know by now, we attempt to review new music using 40-ish words or less. Here are 5 great new tunes for your listening pleasure.

Phantom Isle "MAR V"
four men sitting and crouching on grass with a sky view behind them
Phantom Isle

Imagine dark synths dripping in 80's electronic pop whipped into a frenzied 130 bpm rhythm and you'll get somewhere close to Phantom Isle's MAR V.

Minimal vocals leave the music to stand out. Difficult to achieve without sounding boring and repetitive but executed to perfection here!


Our rating: 9.3/10

My Octopus Mind "Buy My Book"
Three men standing in front of a pink and blue building
My Octopus Mind

A little on the quirky side, Buy My Book pokes fun at those self-help books that fill your news feed.

Distorted vocals and mind-bending riffs make you sit up and take notice because at no point does the song let you get comfortable.


Our rating: 8.6/10

Latenight Honeymoon "Afterglow"
Three men standing in a jungle. The man in the middle has a multicoloured shirt on, the other two men are wearing dark, patterned shirts
Latenight Honeymoon. Image Credit: Frederik Wilkinson

Afterglow shines a light on how seemingly perfect relationships have been fractured by the lockdown.

Afterglow has two faces. Verse wise, it's a very steady indie rock base, but then the chorus lifts the entire song to stadium-worthy anthem status.


Our rating: 8.8/10

Wasting Time "My Limited French"
Logo for the band Wasting Time. Cartoon version of the Grim Reaper listending to music through headphones. He is surrounded by vinyl records. A Goldfish is swimming upside down in a bowl.
Wasting Time

Sounding more like Green Day than Green Day, My Limited French is a glorious return to 1990's post punk rock.

Driving along at a fair old pace, this song is the perfect antidote to the conveyor-belt over-produced "music" that fills the airwaves these days.


Our rating: 9.2/10

noyou "We're So Sorry"
noyou - Photo by Simon Atkinson

How we have not heard Sunderland's noyou before now is a mystery but better late than never, eh?

We're So Sorry is a wonderful concoction of synths and indie pop guitars. With one of the catchiest damn choruses you'll hear this year, this song is a surefire addition to your music collection!


Our rating: 9.7/10


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