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New Music: Paul Turner "More Than The Moon"

Brisbane-born singer, songwriter and guitarist Paul Turner has become a master of the art of storytelling through his music, and his latest release More Than The Moon is no exception.

With a sound that straddles Folk and Rock, Paul draws from his wealth of musical history and life experiences to breathe life into More Than The Moon, a moving song on love and spirituality.

A simple acoustic guitar provides the backdrop for the song, punctuated by heart-warming strings and vocal harmonies, with Turner’s vocals delivering his touching message with ease. The drums kick in as the song lifts to the simple yet perfect chorus. With a final flourish, the breakdown provides a nice touch as the song momentarily returns to its humble beginnings of guitar and melancholic strings, all of which emphasise the emotion of the song.

Since its release, More Than The Moon has already gained over 32,000 streams on Spotify.

More Than The Moon follows on from Paul’s previously released two albums, “Clear Blue” (2008) and “Another World” (2010) Both albums received great reviews.

With his soothing voice and honest song writing, Paul Turner looks set to continue to deliver his message and gain the attention of the music industry with each new release.



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