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New Music: Rosita Stone "Decide Ya Por Fin"

Rosita Stone has been around for a while, but is set to set the music world alight in 2021. Her new single, Decide Ya Por Fin, highlights just what delights we can expect to hear!

Rosita Stone is a multi award-winning singer, songwriter, producer and dancer from Canada, of Mexican and Russian descent. She has a very powerful voice and impressive vocal range! She is currently co-producing her music with Dennis Nieves, who has has produced music for Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Thalia, and many more Latin American superstars.

Decide Ya Por Fin is told in Spanish. It's an age old story... man and woman fall in love, and it feels perfect. Another woman turns up, the exact image of the first and the man falls in love with her too. He is ordered to choose but cannot decide, so instead turns to drink, knowing that whichever option he chooses will lead to trouble.

Regardless of whether you are fluent in Spanish or not (I fall into the latter category!), this is a fantastic song. A solid Latin-American track with distinctly nostalgic synths will take you back to Summers gone by. Rosita brings a beautiful, sultry, delicate yet powerful vocal to the song and everything combines to create something pretty special.


Our rating 9.1/10


Si te encanta la canción, haz clic en el icono del corazón a continuación

( I really hope this translated properly!)

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