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New Music: Ryan Lunn "Embers"

You know the old saying "never judge a book by the cover?" Well, I almost fell into that trap when I received the latest song by Ryan Lunn, Embers.

Ryan Lunn is an absolute force of nature. He is a multi-award winning singer songwriter, vocalist, musician, producer and working actor and model. He already has an album and 2 EPs under his belt. And he has starred and supported in over 35 stage and film productions.

And herein lay my concerns about "book by cover" opening comment. In my experience, it's rare that an actor can be a great singer/songwriter, and vice versa. Now, I've never seen his acting, but boy, can this man sing!

Embers is an excellent song. It's a mellow acoustic track, with brooding undertones that allude to a huge build-up that never comes, and that is the beauty of this track. It urges for relationships to be rekindled but leaves you wondering whether that will ever happen.

Ryan Lunn has an amazing, rasping rock voice, not dissimilar to that of Bryan Adams, for those of you who are old enough to remember him! This voice, combined with the beautifully produced music, creates an absolute gem of a track.


Find Ryan Lunn on Facebook and Spotify


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