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(Schyler) London calling

Close your eyes. Sit back and listen to "Naked", the debut EP from Schyler London.

Schyler London is a 22 year old singer from London, Ontario and her songs are an honest, heartfelt look at the world. The entire EP is based on conversations held with producer/composer/writer a.n.g.e.l and is impeccably produced and immaculately sung. The lyrics are cleverly crafted and the music is a very clever blend of hopeful pop, ballad an RnB.

A first listen will have you drawing obvious parallels with Rihanna, with that sassy, sultry attitude. But don't let this fool you - Schyler London is so much more than that. There's an intelligence here, far beyond her years. And the messages are pure and simple, heartwarming and loving.

Particular highlights are "Memories" and "Beautiful" which are indeed memorable and beautiful. However, I'd urge you to listen to "Kiss Somebody You Love" with its incredibly catchy hooks and reggae inspired impossible-not-to-dance-to music.

I'm predicting that 2019 will be a massive year for Schyler London. As Christmas draws ever nearer, buy yourself the gift that is "Naked". You can thank me later.

(click the image below to hear the album)

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