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Seagoth's new single "Internet Café" delivers a very powerful message

18 year old British bedroom pop singer/songwriter Georgia Ochoa has been creating music under the name Seagoth since 2015, and she emerged onto the scene this year with her debut EP 'House Party for Ghosts' which was produced by Georgia alone in her bedroom.

"Internet Café" brings together the lo-fi sound first introduced on "House Party For Ghosts" with a beautiful synth track and piercing piano sound which cuts through the music with a spine-tingling, haunting call. The piano, in it's simplistic appearance, adds a real meaning to the song, feeling isolated and calling out, trying to be heard and, more importantly, liked.

It's the ideal bed for Georgia to add her vocals to in her melancholic style. She wears her heart on her sleeve as she tells of her experiences with social media, the scourge of the internet as she tries to create a persona in order to fit in. This mask is highlighted by the line "I'm feeling nostalgia from things that never happened to me." The temptation to embellish one's own history to alter people's opinions of oneself can often be overpowering, to the point where those embellishments feel like reality.

"People pretend to be something they're not for followers, they distort everyone’s perception of who they really are for likes. This might not sound like an epidemic, but it feels like one to me." Ain't that the truth?

The message comes through loud and clear. There is so much pressure on people to conform these days, social media creates stereotypical perfect people and society frowns upon and rails against those who stand out as "different". Everybody wants to be liked and we are often guilty of putting on a mask in order to please others.

"I was lucky enough to grow up in a time where social media was only just surfacing - I only grew up with Facebook. I would hate to have to grow up in 2019, I feel like there's so much pressure on everyone to be perfect now."

This, in essence, is the basis of Internet Café.

"I really just wanted to make a song about how social media affects me and this is what I made. Although it's not lyrically super direct I really love how I worded things and I hope other people do too.”

Catch Seagoth live on the following dates:  2nd November - The Lounge, Warrington (supporting Floral Scene)

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