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song of the day: bianca hauert "daneben benehmen"

I'm a firm believer that music is a language of its own and no matter what language the lyrics are in, you can hear a great song.

Daneben Benehmen (roughly translates as "misbehave") is the latest song by German singer songwriter Bianca Hauert. It's a soulful longing for the days we all miss, the parties and the memorable nights of misbehaving with friends.

"As long as we are not allowed to go out, my song should at least help people to bridge the waiting time until then!" Bianca explains.

Bianca discovered her interest in music from a tender young age, learning to play piano and guitar before turning her hand to singing - an interest which has seen her performing at weddings, as a member of several choirs and forming her own band, BEATOMIC. She is also a member of a cover band "The Sound Section" which has seen her perform in front of a crowd of thousands.

The variety of her musical projects allows Bianca to show the many different facets to her voice, from delicate ballads to big power tunes.

Focussing on everyday subjects, emotions, fears and feelings, Bianca's solo pop project has been woven from those emotions and situations that listeners will identify with. Daneben Benehmen brings out her soulful voice in a powerful way, an uplifting message for us all to prepare for the time when we can get back to the partying and the misbehaving !



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