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Sunday Seven

Enjoy our picks of the week!


Plastic Glass "Going Away"

Plastic Glass return with another high energy indie rock tune! (9.3/10)


Conrad Ashton "The Longest Night"

Brilliant return from Conrad Ashton, upbeat indie pop at its best (9.1/10)


Priestgate "Summ (air)"

Shades of New Order and The Killers within this excellent tune from Priestgate (9.2/10)


Vela Incident "Home"

We love this! Vela Incident's fourth single is a slower rock song but packs a real punch! (9.5/10)


Holy Drone "Fibres"

Some fine dream pop here, atmospheric vocals with soaring guitars (8.9/10)


The Tinkermen "Frustrating"

Turn up the volume, this needs to be heard at full volume! (8.9/10)


Darling Boy "Golden Number"

A brilliant fusion of funky undertones and distorted vocals, Golden Number has a unique, vintage sound - a song that is very worthy to be called our Track of the Week (9.6/10)




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