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the hunt for a new top 40 - week 1!

Our target of finding 40 bangers by the end of the year has got off to a flying start this week with two tracks that could not be more different from each other but each earning the title of It's Indie Banger of the Week!


Solcura - I Am Weak

Solcura are an exhilarating alternative rock band from the UK, bringing a genre-melding and diverse soundscape to the fore that encompasses the melodic to melancholy, acoustic to hard rock, breakneck punk to skull-pounding grunge anthems.

"This latest release from Solcura reveals itself slowly and throws multiple twists to the listener. I Am Weak is a modern alternative rock epic for the ages, harkening back to the days of Soundgarden’s Bad Motor Finger and Tool’s Opiate. The track begins on a fragile vocal over an eerie and dissonant bassline, then builds to a crescendo of crushing riffs, anthemic chorus and crashing drum fills interspersed with memorable breakdowns." - Knight PR

Our rating: 9.2/10


Inego - Medicine

One of our favourite bands here at It's Indie Towers are the irrepressible INEGO, with their infectious indie pop/rock sound. Their debut album "Departures" was a joy to behold and their track Phoenix Arizona still holds pride of place on our original Top 40.

Their latest track, Medicine, is something of a departure (see what I did there?") from their signature sound, with much more guitar than previously. As always though, expect to hear a super-catchy chorus which will stick in your head for days. Chaps, you've done it to me again!

I don't like to compare artists to others but I'm definitely picking up New Order vibes from this - and that's never a bad thing!

Our rating: 9.7/10


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