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Inappropriate Places for a Listening Party - The Knitting Club

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Hey there, yarn enthusiasts and music mavericks alike! Today's episode of #NewMusicMonday comes from the Town Hall, where we are joined by the Wakefield Townsfolk Knitting Group, surrounded by the clickety-clack of needles and the occasional hum of enthusiasm from the knitters-in-chief. Some are deep into their purl stitches, unfazed by the musical madness about to unfold, while others might cast an intrigued glance our way, curious about the musical voyage ahead.

In this not-so-quiet corner of creativity, we're about to unleash a symphony of indie tunes that may just be your cup of tea—or should we say, skein of yarn.

So, as we navigate this sonic tapestry, let the melodies weave their way into your stitches, and let's turn this knitting nook into a haven of eclectic tunes. It's #NewMusicMonday, where even the most stoic of stitches might find themselves tapping along!

The Haptics "Bodies"

Black and white photo of the band The Haptics. Three men sit of a sofa while a woman leans over the back. As featured on It's Indie... and we know it.
The Haptics

The Haptics invites you to embark on a sonic journey with "Bodies," a track that delves deep into the euphoria and inner struggles of collective rhythms. From their EP "Zero Gravity," this musical gem unveils the raw energy of the Berlin beat.

Inspired by a night of dance at Berlin's Herrensauna party in Tresor, the lyrics of "Bodies" paint a vivid picture of the power of getting lost in the collective momentum of a crowd. It's more than just a dance; it's a potent experience. The song captures the push and pull between the liberating force of being part of a crowd and the internal struggle of repetitive thoughts, a dance between freedom and self-imprisonment.

We asked Ethel for her opinion. She was gracefully working her intricate patterns, occasionally pausing to glance over her spectacles as "Bodies" unfolds. There's a subtle toe-tap beneath the table. As the track progresses, Ethel's stern expression softens into a hint of a smile. The pulsating energy of the music seems to inject a lively tempo into her knitting, transforming her quiet corner into a hub of subtle dance moves and knitted wonders. Who knew that Ethel, the queen of purl and knit, had a secret penchant for Berlin beats?

Our rating: A solid 9.3/10

rlyblonde "Girl In Your Story"

a woman is laying on white sand, with a small television beside her. cover photo for rlyblonde's single Girls In Your Story. As featured on It's Indie... and we know it

In the realm of rlyblonde's musical tapestry, "Girl in Your Story" emerges as a beacon of sincerity and tenderness. This dreamy rock ballad, a departure from her previous sonic endeavors, invites listeners into a more introspective and emotionally charged journey.

As the song unfolds, it becomes clear that "Girl in Your Story" is not just a musical shift but a continuation of rlyblonde's exploration of identity, femininity, and romance. In a delicate dance of sound and emotion, the track reveals a more vulnerable side to the artist's repertoire.

While the beats may be dreamy, the themes are grounded in the reality of human experience. rlyblonde weaves a sonic narrative that echoes through the melodies and her visual storytelling through photography and videography.

We found it hard to keep Gertrude under control while she listened to this song. To be fair, she had probably been on the gin all day, which might explain her fearless display of dancing on the chair. Taxi for Gertrude, please!

Our rating: 9.1/10

Annabel Gutherz "Eclipse"

A woman leaning out of the window of a red car. A promotional shot for Annabel Gutherz's new single Eclipse, as featured on It's Indie... and we know it
Annabel Butherz - photo credit Joanie Fortin

Annabel Gutherz unveils a musical canvas with her latest single, "Eclipse." This Canadian singer and songwriter seamlessly blends classic rock influences with modern pop sounds, creating a vivid and textured song that serves as a testament to her artistic evolution.

Co-written with the maestros Mikal Blue and Bret "Epic" Mazur, known for their work with industry giants, "Eclipse" isn't just a song; it's a declaration of Annabel finding her voice. The track navigates the intricate space where classic rock vibes meet the contemporary pulse of pop, resulting in a sonic journey that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Gertrude was quite annoyed about being escorted from the building. To be fair, her language had turned the air blue so it was probably a little too late. However, June, twin sister of Gertrude, really liked the song. She had been on her feet throughout the whole song, performing some sort of "dance" that involved gentle swaying, almost in time to the music, although this could have been due to her arthritic knees making her unsteady on her feet.

Our rating: 9.2/10

Unfortunately, our musical party was brought to an abrupt end at this point, as Kath accused Mary of flirting with her husband Albert. Mary, as you can imagine, denied everything but from where I was sitting, she did appear to be giving him "the look". And Kath, as you probably know, has rather a fierce temper so it took a couple of folk to hold her back. Something tells me that Mary is off Kath's Christmas card list this year.

Whilst we appreciated the hospitality from the ladies and gentlemen at the Wakefield Townsfolk Knitting Group, we may look for an alternative venue next time.

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