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Tinfoils "Call Of The Abyss"

Tinfoils are a three-piece garage-punk band based in Manchester, whose frantic brand of ‘no frills’, DIY guitar-driven music rages against the private security companies who police the streets of Britain, the royalist media machine, and youth debt - as well as having the odd song about thrush.

"The guy in the shop said we rub the lamp and get three wishes..." - image by James SB

The band formed in 2018 and consist of George Unitt (guitar/vocals), Alex Walker (drums) and Will Burton (bass). They've been selling out shows and performed at a number of gigs and festivals across the North of England, where they've supported bands such as HIMALAYAS and The Mysterines.

The band hail from Doncaster, Hull and York, not usually the first cities you would think of when listing hotbeds of talent. They made the trip over the big hill to the "dark side of the Pennines" to set up their base in Manchester.

Tinfoils are predominantly influenced by contemporary bands such as IDLES, Sleaford Mods, Thee Oh Sees, and Cabbage, but also take inspiration from a number of 20th century punk and post-punk bands such as Buzzcocks and The Fall. Manchester Evening News describes the band's music as "sarcastic, satirical and extremely danceable."

They recently released their latest single “Call of the Abyss” on their own label, Foilwrapped Records.

The queue outside the Gents was getting unbearable. Photo by Lauren Hira.

Call of the Abyss is about those times when you feel yourself being swallowed up by this big ol’ downer of a mood and you are perhaps not as kind to yourself about it as you could/should be. Suddenly you hear a certain tune and it just harnesses this intense power that instantly makes everything seem a bit brighter again. I’m sure it’s an emotional surge most people are familiar with and it would be amazing to think this song could maybe have that effect on someone too …”  - George Unitt

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