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Too much junk mail through your letterbox?

You know what it's like, you excitedly run to the door, having seen Keith the Postman trudge wearily up the drive, avoiding the electric fence, dogs and laser guided shrubbery. "Maybe its a bunch of fan mail and royalty cheques?", you ask yourself.


It's a half ton of pizza menus and flyers about a new gym that has opened near you (having heard about your penchant for pizza). The disappointment is obvious and you feel miserable, you really needed that new pedal and some fan mail might have cheered you up immensely.

Curse you, Keith the Postman!

Well now, that disappointment can be avoided with this brand new invention from YouTube's resident "eccentric engineer" Colin Furze. Behold, the Letterbox Shredder!

(click the pic!)

Our mates Murica feature on the video, with their song "Don't Leave Me This Way" being the third track.

* It'sIndie accept no liability for shredded body parts

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