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Wildcard Wednesday - Inherently Lost

Introducing our new feature, Wildcard Wednesday, where we bring you artists we wouldn't normally cover here at It's Indie... and we know it. Today, we catch up with Joe Matijasic, guitarist from Inherently Lost.

Five people in a line, the band Inherently Lost, standing in front of a blue cityscape. As featured  on It's Indie... and we know it
Inherently Lost

Hey Joe, great to have you here! How did you guys all meet and decide to start making music together?

We're all local folks, connected through friends or those classic musician ads. You know how it goes.

Totally get that! So, diving into your music, what genres do you explore, and how do you come up with that unique sound of yours?

It's definitely Metal. In fact, I would say multi-genre metal

That's awesome! When you're jamming and creating tunes, what's the process like? Any secret sauce to the magic?

It's like a chaotic brainstorming session. We enjoy the freedom to write and make music the way we want to hear it.

Nice! Now, your lyrics have this interesting blend of darkness and upliftment. What themes do you guys love exploring through your music?

We like to delve into many themes, mostly from a dark place, but yet they are uplifting at the same time.

Love that contrast! And speaking of influences, who are the legends that fuel your creative fire?

There are so many to choose from! But for me, it's bands like legends like Gojira, Tool, Meshuggah, Godflesh.

A veritable buffet of greatness! So, for those eager to catch your sound, where can they find your music?

We're on every streaming platform. And for the tactile souls, you can snag a physical copy at our live gigs.

Got it! So, when you're out there performing live, what's the best part for you?

It's a pure adrenaline rush. And seeing people getting into our music is just electric.

Sounds incredible! Before we wrap up, any message you'd like to share with your fans through your music?

We're not here to preach. Our music is a canvas, waiting for our fans interpretation.

Love that! And finally, what's on the horizon for the band? Any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Currently preparing our first full-length album in the studio. Then it's about getting out and playing more shows.

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