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Bringing a dancefloor feel to the traditional Manchester Indie scene is INEGO. With a clear New Order influence, these guys liberally sprinkle elements of Nile Rodgers and Daft Punk to create catchy hooks and thumping disco beats.

INEGO, named after a character from 80’s cult classic “The Princess Bride” are Toby Belshaw (guitars, vocals), Pete Mackenzie Hodge (drums), Dan Myers (guitars), and Stefan Güttel (bass). They’ve been together since 2011 but already have an impressive back catalogue of singles. Their current release, double A side “They Want You” and “Nobody” sets the tone for a listening experience you’ll be glad you embarked upon. Both tracks stand apart from each other with very different styles. “They Want You” takes you along a funky path of 80s synth sounds and earworm chorus, while “Nobody” is driven by another funky bassline and is a real banger of a pop tune.

The videos for both tracks feature some pretty freaky masks!

The band are currently recording their first full length album which is scheduled for release in 2020, working with acclaimed producer Gavin Monaghan [Editors / Robert Plant / The Twang] and engineer Joe Murray at Magic Garden Studios in the West Midlands. Definitely one for the diary!

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