Top 10 (March)

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1. dunkie "The Vanishing"

2. Rebecca Levy "This Song Is Not About Boys"

3. Murica "Call The Cops"

4. Slumb "Come And Get It"

5. Daniel Etherton "Foundations"

6. The A V Club "Mistakes"

7. Vicious Rooster "Something Goin' On"

8. More In Luv "Someone Else"

9. Sheffdan "Outside"

10. J Lee & The Hoodoo Skulls "Baby Blue"

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the 9's

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Listen to our playlist on Spotify featuring all the songs that we have rated 9 or above this year

Featuring: Jimmy Knows. Post Rome. Latenight Honeymoon. Dark Side Of Light. Lucy Dreams. Calum Lintott. The Great Leslie. Alex Frew. Purple Smoke. CMagic5. Kaitee Page. Jonny Starkes. Justin Beynon. Francis. Midnight Alleys. Lord & The Woolf. Dolly Dolores. Ormiston. Alex Ohm. Rocket Report. Benedict. Firekind. Sea Fever.