Top 10 (February)

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1. Sea Fever "Crossed Wires"

2. Midnight Alleys "Broken Ties and Stolen Lines"

3. Firekind "Cry For Help"

4. Lord And The Woolf "Young"

5. Benedict "Sweet Sister"

6. CMagic5 "The One"

7. Dolly Dolores "Dream"

8. Alex Ohm "Time Waits (For No One)"

9. Alex Frew "Something To Hold On To"

10. Rocket Report "Highs Like This"

"Fabulous promo page run by fabulous people" - Tom Kron, T.O.M. The Organised Misuse

the 9's

Listen to our playlist on Spotify featuring all the songs that we have rated 9 or above this year

Featuring: Parallel Lights Camens  Plastic Glass 

Victoria Sponge  Quorum Jekyll  Alleyways 

Cat Ryan  Basement Club  Michael Baker  

The Slow Day  The Novus   Shambolics 

Abandon Ship!  Narrow Margin  Mosaic Sun 

Parker Sounds  Tres Kings  Hudsun Lissy Taylor



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