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"Great people doing great things for original music! Love it! People like you keep the scene going! Absolute legend!" - Bruno Lobao, Fireglow

Our Artist Directory is an ever-increasing list of new, indie and upcoming artists who would love your support. Each artists page will give you a biography, image and wherever possible a recent music video, together with the social media profiles and a link to their music on Spotify.

Colour coded for your convenience, feel free to browse the artists by genre and discover your new favourite artist! 

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*please note that all artist information has been provided by the artists' representatives or the artists themselves and has been reproduced with their kind permission.

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Bianca Aristia

R'n'B and Pop Youngster


Indie Pop from Derby

Alexander Mills

Smooth Pop from Australia

Eloisa Cullington

Jazz/Soul Singer/Songwriter

Julie Ludgate

Pop Powerhouse

Paige Blossom

Teenage pop sensation

Buffalo Bay

Anthemic Rock meets Synth Pop


Manchester Pop Rock

Table Tennis Dreamer

Indie Rock


Pop/Rock from Norway


Alternative Metal from Germany


Indie Rockers from North Manchester

Shotgun 21

Rock and Punk from Crawley

Alien Feelings

Indie rocking punky grungers

Ed Roman

Ontario country rock


Northern Indie Rockers!

The Taboos

London Indie rock

Cat Ryan

North East Art Rock/Modern Showgaze

Izzies Caravan

Bluesy Rock!

Operation Offbeat

Raucous Ska/Punk

Rory Gillanders

Acoustic Rock From Ireland

Ashley Puckett

Modern country rock songstress

Chloe Chadwick

Alternative Country from Cheshire

Jeremy Parsons

Texan country rock!

Richard Lynch

Country rock from Ohio


Heavy Metal from Essex!

River of Souls

Doomed Heavy Death Metal!

Jo Harman

Smooth Blues/Soul

Giant And The Georges

UK Indie Pop Rock

Bo Baskoro

Portland Pop!


Brighton-Based Dance Pop

Kristen Karma

Catchy Canadian Pop

Schyler London

Sassy Indie Pop from Canada

Cardboard Club

The very definition of bedroom pop

Sandras Wedding

Indie Rockers from Yorkshire

The Impersonators

Pop Duo from Finland


Electronic Rock

Hey Bulldog

Manchester Rockers!


Rockers From Midlands

TOM The Organized Misuse

Spanish Rockers


Hyperactive Punk/Pop!

Greg Poole

Guitar-driven indie from Stoke on Trent

The Jack Fletcher Band

UK Indie Rock

Tres Kings

Proper Indie Rock!

Desert Life

Welsh Singer/Songwriter

Liars Teeth

Atmospheric Rock from London

Phillip Foxley

Songwriter/guitarist from North Wales

Sister John

Lush Lo-Fi!

Bailey Tomkinson

Pop Country Singer/Songwriter

Emily Lockett

Country rock youngster

John Vento

Modern Country rock


Country pop powerhouse

One Eyed Oracle

Indie Folk

Sentinel Complex

Industrial Metal/Electronic from Bournemouth

Best Not Broken

Indie Pop Earworms


Indie Pop/Rock from UK


Canada's Finest Pop/Jazz

Jan-Tore Saltnes

Finest Norway Pop

Natalie Gauci

Australian Pop Star!


Chart-topping Pop/Soul

Damon Mitchell

Pop Rock


International Pop/Rock

The Theme

London based Indie Rock

Dead Fish Handshake

New Jersey Rock


Brighton Electro-Rock!


London Rock Trio

Walkers Cay

Proper rock!


Psychedelic Rock

Hush Mozey

Tasty Indie Rock

The Last Episode

West Yorkshire Indie

Annie Booth

Singer/Songwriter from Scotland