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10 more artists you should discover

Our next instalment of undiscovered artists is an eclectic mix of styles, but all have one thing in common - awesome talent! Here is a selection of videos with links to Facebook pages for each artist. Enjoy!

1. Besides Daniel - "Learn How To Fight"

2. Echo Nebraska - "Hey, Allison"

3. Bossie - "Solsbury Hill"

4. Peter Serrado - "Sunset & A City"

5. Caroline Rose - "Jeannie Becomes A Mom"

6. Ivory Hours - "Blindsided"

7. Dana Jean Phoenix - "Look To Your Heart"

8. The Mondanes - "Violet Gun"

9. Marta Pacek - "The Hunted"

10. MONOWHALES - "Real Love"


We would love to hear from you. Will any of these artists find their way onto your playlist? Comment below!

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