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499 Featured Artists... and counting!

It's Indie And We Know It began in November 2018 and was nothing like the site it is today. We started off by trying to get a couple of extra followers for some of the artists we liked - and here we are, still writing... but with a MUCH bigger pool of artists to choose from!

499 artist and song features later, we're about to pass a huge milestone we never expected to reach. We've seen some incredible songs along the way but some have achieved some very notable milestones for us. And we thought... what better way to celebrate than to bring you the 10 artists who have had a lasting impact on us here at It's Indie?

Let's jump straight in!


Hayes & Y

In November 2019, we stumbled upon Hayes & Y, a four-piece indie-pop band with members from as far apart as Bulgaria and Finland. The song we fell in love with was Disaster - "you are treated to those half-falsetto effected vocals, driving home the now familiar refrain that is doing a very good job of tattooing itself indelibly on your brain."

And their new music since? Check this beast out!


Liar's Teeth

Liar's Teeth came out of nowhere, with their debut EP Disorder. Alex, Josh, Rico and Russell absolutely nailed this four piece atmospheric rock release, and it impressed us so much that we named it Album of the Year, despite us only hearing it in December.

"The problem with releasing an incredible debut EP is that it makes any follow-up such a difficult act to follow. This is the problem that Liars Teeth will face, following the release of "Disorder" - a four track piece of pure brilliance."


Narrow Margin

Narrow Margin released their first track in 2019, but their follow-up track Kids Don't Dance was where we first caught up with them.

They've since released Hey Mr Shareholder - another riotous piece of post-punk apocalyptic pop (try typing that after a few pints!) and it seems that they're on a positive trajectory for the future!


in earnest

When we first heard in earnest, we labelled them as "masters of sad indie" - and they certainly deserve that title!

This three piece hail from Southend on Sea and they've released two tracks to date, debut song put me under and the excellent come upstairs - the only track that we have ever rated as 10/10 on our blog!

They've just become ambassadors for MY BLACK DOG - a mental health charity who currently host the UK's only peer-to-peer chat system, using volunteers who have lived with mental illness themselves.


Liam Naughton & The Educators