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5 Indie Rock Songs You Need To Hear!

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Blimey, this is a rather long blog post, isn't it?

Here at It's Indie, we love music of all types. We want to build a following for some pretty special artists and this week, we are focusing on Indie Rock. these are the tunes you need to play at full volume. Grab your air guitars, crank the volume up to the max and dig out those leather pants. Or is it just me that wears leather pants?

This selection will take you from it's rocky heaviest down to a nice, gentle lull and back up again. Click the pictures to hear the songs and comment below and let us know if you agree with our choices?

Now, where did I put those leather pants...


1. IAMWARFACE - You Don't Love Me Any More

Masters of the Electro Rock scene, IAMWARFACE are a 5 piece outfit from Brighton, UK. The band are heavily influenced by 80s artists such as Depeche Mode as well as rock bands such as Queen Of The Stone Age. 2018 has been a good year for the guys, having appeared on BBC Introducing and having been strongly tipped for success by Virgin Radio's Eddie Temple Morris. Sales of neon paint in Brighton have gone through the roof since the band formed in 2016


2. Murica - Vultures

Murica (formerly known as Mucnich) hail from Leicestershire, UK and are three guys; Ben, Josh and Ryan. With all instruments being played by the three, it's a little difficult for Murica to gig any more. "Vultures" is the title track from their current EP and follows on the heel of their magnificent "To All My Friends And Foes" and "So We Don't Forget" All three releases are triumphs in their own right, considering that the albums were written, recorded and produced in Ben's house. Murica are also on the BBC Introducing radar and have been receiving some impressive feedback from industry professionals. Murica have an impressive logo and I'm only the slightest bit envious.


3. Skuve - Ego

The title track from Skuve's debut album, "Ego" is a step outside their comfortable shoes and into the deep, dark, scary world of rock. The band, who have never met each other, are made up of four members from USA, Sweden and UK.

Mack's silky, effortless vocals seem to fit perfectly in whatever genre the musical chameleons attempt.

Don't be fooled by this track though, the rest of the album is so far from "Ego" you might wonder if you've swapped CD's without realising. Do people still use CD's?


4. Giant And The Georges - Dopamine

If you like your rock with just a hint of sweetness, then Giant and the Georges is going to right up your street. In fact, if you are from the Black Country, UK, there's a good chance that the band are literally up your street. GATG, as I'm going to affectionally call them, because I am inherently lazy, consist of a tallish guy, two brothers with the surname George and another fella who ties the band together. And you think that I'm joking? "Dopamine" is an amazing song and extremely catchy. You have been warned!


5. Open Parachine - Red Ashes On Tibet

Open Parachine are a hybrid of alternative, post-rock progressive rock and they skilfully blend all of these influences into their music. Red Ashes On Tibet is a gem of a song, sounding not dis-similar to Joy Division and the vocals even sounding like Ian Curtis himself. And then, when you think you know the song... well, I will not ruin the surprise. But it's worth it!

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