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5 New Releases That You Need To Hear!

Crikey, the music is coming thick and fast for us, and long may it continue! We would like to take you through another of our whistle-stop tours of some of the latest, greatest tracks from under the radar artists that you simply must hear. Get yourself comfy, turn the sound up and check out our selection... let us know what you think!


1. The Calls - Fall Inside

Named after a road in my home town, and not after the plural of a cheesy Backstreet Boys song from 2000, The Calls have released "Fall Inside." Complete with some very 80's sounding guitar riffs, this is one of those songs that you're pretty sure you've heard somewhere before but you'll want to hear again!

"The song explores the difficulties of a person wanting to change their ways but being unable to; of trying to do things differently but, ultimately, falling back into the same habits."

The Calls have been around since 2018 when they released their debut EP "The Night The World Stood Still" and with talk of even more great music from the chaps, 2020 looks like its going to be a great year for them.


2. Ghost Arcadia "Glory"

Now, you're going to need to turn the volume up for this one!

Ghost Arcadia are an eclectic, new and unsigned alternative rock band based in London. They create a unique fusion of rock, metal & rap music with similar tones to that of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the 1975, The Killers and Twenty One Pilots. I dunno, there's something of a Linkin Park vibe going on here too

Their new EP "Libero" comprises 4 tracks that differ wildly from each other, from delicate soft rock to absolute in-your-face pure rock. Guess which end of the scale we chose to feature?


3. Venus Demilo "Penniless"

It's easy to tell the difference between Venus Demilo the band and Venus De Milo the statue. The band, for example, tend to wear clothes most of the time...

Hailing from Liverpool, this four piece indie pop/rock band have forged a great catchy and upbeat sound. "Penniless" continues this journey. Enriched with some very tasty harmonies on the chorus, together with some zingy guitar work, "Penniless" is fresh and modern.

Unlike the statue of the same name.


4. Aiko - Bad Influence

Born in Moscow, raised in Czech Republic and now based in London, Aiko brings a touch of smooth pop to the proceedings.

"Bad Influence" is right up there with the music you'll hear on any mainstream radio station. It's a funky little number with some high-energy production and as you might expect, a great chorus!

Aiko has a very distinctive voice with an impressive range and she certainly knows how to create great pop music.


5. Harina "Insecurities"

Born in Germany but now based in London, Harina returns with her massive new single "Insecurities." She made her debut late last year with her teaser track "Last Christmas", followed quickly by her debut release "Nothing."

"Insecurities" has a mellow R 'n' B feel to it but this slower pace allows Harina to demonstrate an incredible vocal performance with some deep and meaningful lyrics.

"This song is about love, but not necessarily the love of a lover, could be the love of a friend or the love of a mother. It's about feeling thankful for a person that's been there for you no matter what. Someone who makes you feel better about yourself. "


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