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That Hidden Promise Is A Hidden Gem

Nestled deep in the heart of Somerset lies the sleepy town of Shepton Mallet. It's not really the centre of the universe, probably most famous because of it's proximity to Glastonbury or that it was once the home of England's oldest prison.

But look a little deeper and you might find the hidden gem known as That Hidden Promise.

Originally from Blackpool, THP is a solo artist with an eclectic sound and multitude of talents. It's the brainchild of Wayne Lee, who has been performing live with current set up since March 2011, after deciding to try and bring something different and fresh to the solo performer arena.

Armed with songs which deliver inventiveness, thought provoking lyrics, catchy melodies and a hard, raw edge, THP creates the beats and percussion live, combined with electric guitar, giving the songs the platform, but also a performance to talk about.

THP continues to reinvent himself, with the latest music sounding a million miles away from the earlier stuff

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