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A Million Loved Songs

As small, unknown artists, we all like to see the numbers count slowly upwards and smile when we hit those magic milestones. But how must it feel when you've clocked up a million streams on Spotify? Well, our friend Keith Spinney passed that particular milestone this week. And Keith tells us that it's an amazing feeling!

Keith is a singer/songwriter based in Texas. He has collaborated with many artists along the way, including BK from Skuve, Ecopunk, Thunderwheel and Keifer. Even Dattoka and I have had the honour of having a song feature on Keith's fundraising album "Indie Artists United For World Peace"

And the prize for achieving a million streams? Your very own playlist named after you! Check out This Is Keith Spinney

Congratulations Keith, a magnificent achievement! We're not in the slightest bit jealous, honest!

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