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A Red Hot Military Audition.

As a member of a band, I always hated the phrase "oooh, don't you sound like (insert random band name here)". The Garage Flowers, refreshingly, don't sound much like anyone you've heard before.

Originally from Bristol, UK, Joe Capaldi (vocals) and Jonny Webber (guitar) decided to make their way toward the bright lights of the capital to try and make their name there. Living in their car, they eventually met Michael J Serapinas and began touring England. Soon after, they lured Norea Persson to join them and the lineup was complete.

The band are soon to release their much anticipated debut EP "Moods Like English Weather" and their new single "Red Hot Military Audition" is taken from it. Its a gritty, classy piece of rock'n'roll that commands your attention from the very first cymbal.

"Lyrically it's a curious lament of the afterlife," tells Capaldi. "About that messed up thought that flashes through your mind when you're stood at the edge of a large drop and a twisted part of your reptile brain asks in a whisper 'what happens if I jumped?' The speech during the breakdown is a sonic collage of three poems by controversial occultist Aleister Crowley that I pieced together one rainy afternoon. It's definitely the most experimental song we've ever put out - there's no chorus, a speech, a drum solo."

There currently isn't a video for "Red Hot Military Audition" but you can hear it by clicking here.

In the meantime, enjoy "Panic Street Again". Let us know what you think by commenting below

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