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a third february round-up!

We've just enough time to sneak a final round-up of cracking new tunes before the end of the month!


rocket report "highs like this"

Recently I've been listening to some of the earlier Depeche Mode albums and Highs Like This, the new track from Rocket Report reminds me of those classic tracks.

A synth filled power-pop track with an earworm chorus takes you right back to the glory days of the 80s!


Our rating: 9.1/10


we faith "maybe soon, now"

The debut, self produced single from We Faith is an absolute cracker. The song is dominated by an angry guitar riff and tells the story of someone waiting to see their own inevitable downfall.

A definite nod to the alternative rock of the 90s, Maybe Soon, Now is a great way to introduce the band to the world.


Our rating: 8.9/10


benedict "sweet sister"

With a vocal style that is so laid back it's practically horizontal, Benedict delivers his brand new track, Sweet Sister.

It's an ultra-poignant declaration of the bond between siblings, inspired by a traumatic decade culminating in perhaps a feeling guilt that would be misplaced.

Musically, it's a beautifully woven series of strings, horns and piano that really hit home. When combined with the vocals, the song creates the perfect tribute to siblings everywhere.


Our rating: 9.5/10


firekind "cry for help"

Devon rock group Firekind release their 3 track single, Cry For Help, and blimey, it's a good one.

Based on the concept of a selfless act from a stranger stepping into the line of fire, this is a top-drawer rock song that has a real earworm chorus. Definitely a track that you will need to have on your rock playlist.


Our rating: 9.6/10


sea fever "crossed wires"

A dark and brooding electronic background, splendid guitars and some pretty cool double-tracked vocals make Crossed Wires our Track Of The Week.

Sea Fever is the side project of Iwan Gronow, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman and Crossed Wires features Stephen Morris on drums. The sound they have is inevitably (and thankfully) New Order-esque but as a stand-alone band, already a firm favourite here!


Our rating: 9.8/10



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