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A Toast To "Marmalade" - the new single from Headclouds

North East based Headclouds are an Alt/Pop 5 piece, made up of Albert Smith (Guitar and lead vocals), Al Charnley (lead guitar and vocals), Caius Payne-Tate (bass and vocals), Jonny Lathbury (keyboards) and Cameron Snow on drums. The name ‘Headclouds’ referring to the foggy out of body mental experience associated with daydreaming.

Their first single, 'Flowers', was released in August 2017 and was well received by BBC Radio 1, Radio X and Amazing Radio, whilst their second single, ‘Seen It Before’, was premiered by Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1 in October 2017, going on to receive airplay from Tom Robinson's show on BBC 6 Music, which further established the band's radio presence.

The band spent the next year writing new material, before signing for These Bloody Thieves records in 2019. The first single to be released on These Bloody Thieves will be ‘Marmalade’, which “tells of a silver lining, where the thought of being with someone you hold close can help beam positivity into the gloom of mundane routine.”

Headclouds. Originally named Head Clown but misheard due to nasal congestion.

I can’t quite put my finger on who these guys remind me of. I do know that “Marmalade” is as tasty as its name implies and sticks in your head as its namesake sticks to your morning toast.

Come on, you knew there was going to be some food related analogy, that opportunity was too good to pass up!

So what can you expect from the song? There are some intricate vocal harmonies, spangly guitars and very clever lyrics. It’s three minutes of perfect pop with just a hint of nostalgia. Being a child of the 70’s (I know, I seem much younger!) I hear the sounds of that decade come through loud and clear – whether that was the intention or not. And yet, the sound is fresh and relevant, meaning that Headclouds can go toe to toe with any of the big guys out there.

Look out for Headclouds because they have bags of potential and oodles of talent - hear more from the guys on Spotify!

‘I hear bands every week that try to do that jangly, mid-summer pop vibe… Headclouds are well above the lot of them’ - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1

'All shimmering melodies, reverb-laden guitars and euphoric harmonies' - DIY Magazine

'Guitars drenched in a haze of drifting reverb intertwined with ghostly vocal harmonies' - The Line of Best Fit

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