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Album Review: Justin Beynon "In Motion"

We've been sitting on this one for quite a while, but we'd like to introduce you to Wales' Justin Beynon and his debut album In Motion.

Justin has been a part of the music industry for over 30 years, as part of various bands, as a songwriter and as a guitar and piano teacher.

During 2020, he decided to review some of the many songs he has written, with the intention of recording and reinterpreting them, and In Motion was born.

The album is a mixture of soft rock and alt folk, each track is a little piece of perfection that, when combined, form an album that we're already shortlisting for album of the year!

The album opens with the brilliant All Inside, introducing you to Justin's mellow voice and the immaculate harmonisation of the chorus. It combines a steady acoustic guitar track with a stonking electric guitar solo. One of the more up-tempo tracks we are treated to throughout the album, this is the perfect foundation for what is to follow.

Prepare to give an appreciative nod to the craftsmanship that peppers this album. Tracks such as Paper, Cheap Coat and Broken Wings and Another Universe are simply incredible and it's difficult to believe that the majority of the album was recorded at home.

In start contrast, the nakedness of Who Delivers? and All The Way Through take away all the bells and whistles, leaving just one instrument (guitar in the former and piano in the latter) to form the base track to allow the melancholic vocals to shine through.

There are many gems in this album of 10 tracks, but for me, the stand-out track has to be The Walkover Rule with a funky-rock style that wouldn't be out of place on some sort of 60's or 70's album.

It's taken 30 years for this album to make an appearance but blimey, was it worth the wait!

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