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All change for Marvin Dee Band with their forthcoming album release

Marvin Dee Band is starting a brand new chapter and are celebrating this new start with the release of a new album, a grand release show in PAARD, The Hague and a new single ‘Sweetlake City’!

The up and coming art-rock/Americana Marvin Dee Band from Rotterdam, NL, is releasing a new album. The band speaks of a new chapter after a long period of change and growth on a personal and musical level. The new album is therefore called ‘Changes’. The name started out as a working title, after a song that didn’t end up making the final cut, but the name stuck and continuously came out on top as the most suitable title.

This period of change continued for more than two years, in which the band parted ways with three band members while in the middle of recording their new album, completely independently. The entire album was written and produced by frontman Marvin Dee and is coming out on October 6th on CD and Vinyl. For the record, the band went all out. Ben Rodenburg was recruited for horns arrangements, Myrthe van de Weetering joined the team for strings arrangements and Age Kat was, after the sudden departure of the band’s former guitarist, flown in last minute to provide the album with killer electric guitars.

With a new guitarist, new backing vocalists and a new drummer, Marvin Dee Band is truly reborn. The new album features 11 captivating songs that each reveal a little bit of the band’s story.

The songs on the album reflect the turbulent times the band went through these past two years, to eventually come out stronger. Also, on this album more than ever before, songwriter Marvin Dee dared to get truly personal and vulnerable in his songwriting. Changes is about a band that no longer lets people walk all over them. About growing up and making choices. About looking forward and daring to take a step back. About good times and bad times. But mostly, it is about overcoming the voices (in your head and around you) that tell you you’re not good enough and following your own path.

That path has now led the band to PAARD, The Hague, where they will celebrate the release of the new album on the 6th of October, with a spectacular live show with horns, strings and special guests joining them on stage. For now, the album will only be released on CD and Vinyl, so it will not appear in all the online streaming services just yet. On the 4th of October, the 4th single from the album ‘Sweetlake City’ will be released on all digital platforms.

‘Sweetlake City’ is about chasing dreams and at the same time, being thankful for everything you have. A few years ago, Marvin Dee travelled to America for a short solo tour. There, he met with Susan Rogers, former engineer/producer for Prince and the Barenaked Ladies. Susan told him about the ‘slingshot’: that part of your life that feels like it’s holding you back, but what eventually will prove to be the driving force and motivation to make music, launching you forward to where you want to be. For Marvin, that slingshot is ‘Sweetlake City’: Zoetermeer. The place where he works a day job 5 days a week to provide himself with a steady income, in the hopes of one day making a living from music.

That dream of making a living with music is coming closer every day. 4 of the bandmembers, including Marvin, joined Marco Borsato on stage no less than 17 times this year! They sang in Marco’s choir during ‘De Bestemming’ during Vrienden van Amstel LIVE and were then invited to do all that 5 more times for as many sold out stadium shows in De Kuip.

The release party for the album Changes will be held at PAARD, The Hague on Sunday October 6th, 2019. Doors open at 19.30 and the show begins at 20.00. Early bird tickets are €7.50 or €12.50 on the door

More information available through and

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