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April Super-Mega Whopping Round-Up - Part 2

Let's dive in to some more great music for April! Here is a brief round up of some of the music from our inbox. Enjoy!


1. Victoria Sponge "Sky Blue"

Our Track Of The Week to start our round up - and it is something very tasty indeed!

Consisting of Chris (vocals), Ross (lead guitar), James (rhythm guitar), Kyle (bass) and Dylan (drums) Glasgow based Victoria Sponge have recently released their brilliant new single "Sky Blue"

With a sweet music jam that has an air of The Cranberries and sandwiched by beautifully fluffy and light vocal harmonies, this is a real gem of a find.

Could we possibly fit any more cake-related puns in this post?

Regardless, this is a beautiful track and Victoria Sponge are worthy of the recognition that "Sky Blue" will bring.


2. Crying Beauty Queens "Darling"

Manchester three-piece atmospheric alt-rock band Crying Beauty Queens released their cracking tune "Darling" on 18th March.

Jordan (vocals, guitar), Paddy (drums) and Alex (bass) first met in 2014 but only formed as a band in 2018. They state some pretty wide influences, namely Fugazi, The Pixies and The Cranberries. The result is a beautiful fusion of indie pop.

"Darling" is a song about being too scared to fall in love but with an air of reassurance to take the plunge. Jordan's super sweet vocals front a driving beat, some very high pitched chords and acrobatic bass line


3. The Impersonators "Cloud Nine"

We have long since been followers of The Impersonators, since they were label-mates with my own band. The chaps from Finland continue to produce excellent alternative pop/rock with a retro twang, and their latest song "Cloud Nine" is no exception.

The song comes during a period of self doubt and self reflection for singer Tommi Tikka who admits he has been struggling to find his place. "I was quickly becoming bitter and disillusioned about people but also sadly, weary of love – perhaps one of the greatest tragedies that can befall anyone."


4. Zelah "Closer"

London duo Zelah return with another dark indie-pop track "Closer", the perfect follow-up to their previous track "Static"

Synth laden, atmospheric backing to the vocals provide a deceptive opening to the song, but which builds with its electronic drums and moody waves as the chorus takes over.

“Closer was written about 2 years ago when I first moved to London and it's remained as one of our favourite songs to perform. There's something really special and nostalgic about it to both of us, so it means a lot to finally be able to put it out. It's full of conflicting emotions and is pretty reflective on the modern dating culture and the level of uncertainty everyone feels with a new relationship and where it's going... But it also has a lot of those amazing, positive feelings in the early stages of something when you just can't stop thinking about someone.”

Once again we are treated to those sultry, soulful vocals to bring the track together and demonstrate how Zelah are in a very promising position for the future. With both "Static" and "Closer" on the tracklist of the upcoming EP, we're definitely in for a treat when it makes and appearance.


5. The Tonalities "Chances"

Sunderlands Alt-Rock 5 piece The Tonalities released their debut single "Chances" on 8th April.

The song kicks off with retro bluesy-rock feeling guitar riffs and acrobatic bass that reminds you of those classic rock bands from yesteryear.

Vocals from lead singer Charlie Thomson are both powerful and moreish, allowing the music to flow as well as staking her claim at the front and centre.

And just when you think you're used to how the song is developing, along comes an incredible musical interlude that throws everything and the kitchen sink at you... a quiet break, followed by a soaring guitar solo, racing drum break with pulsing bass. This song really does have everything - including the obligatory tambourine.

A debut single that definitely shines the brightest of lights on The Tonalities.


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