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Artist of the Day: Feed Your Wolves

We first heard the very talented Feed Your Wolves back in June and felt that this one-man music genius deserved a mention as our Artist of the Day. And so, we subjected him to our in depth interrogations...

Please introduce us to Feed Your Wolves

Feed Your Wolves is an independent solo project by Andy Davidson. This project is a life long desire for me to create a brand from scratch including, song writing, production, artwork, merchandise and website.

What made you want to start in music?

Music has always come naturally to me and I’ve always been drawn to it since I can remember. I used to play on any piano or guitar I came across, mainly my Great Uncle Rays left handed guitar which is odd as I’m right handed, but still would learn chords and songs on it, and again on his 46-key keyboard.

You are fiercely independent in your music career, which is very commendable. What help, if any, do you feel you need right now?

I enjoy the independence with music as I feel free to write whatever is inside me that I want to get out and share, the downside is you are pushing yourself in all areas which will only get you so far. I would love a marketing team, however although it is a solo project, I have made many friends and great partnerships along the way. To note: Kerry Todd from Songbird Films, Daz Mack Photographer Extraordinaire, and James Henderson from J.W. Henderson Music.

What are your most and least favourite parts of songwriting?

I love starting the songwriting process, playing around with chord progressions, lead lines and melody. I also love creating the main lyrics for the chorus which is usually how I start the song and build from there. Once the main song structure is down it’s a case of filling it all in with lyrics, rhythm and lead parts. Not necessarily the worst part, but certainly the hardest for me are the finishing touches on the production, listening to the same parts over again and trying to get as close as you can to a professional commercial ready sound. I guess this is a practise game.

Tell us about your current release?

The latest releases from Feed Your Wolves have been from the SilverFox Remix Collection. A total of 3 remixes so far which give a fully different view point on the tracks with a summer vibe and more current pop/EDM production. These remixes were created by James Henderson during Lockdown and certainly give us a very much needed ‘pick me up’ feel.

How have you been keeping busy during the coronavirus crisis?

Lockdown for me has been tough. My job as the singer in local wedding and function band ‘Last Anthem’ has come to a halt as well as my jobs teaching music within schools. No complaints though and I value the safety of myself and family more so as an added bonus, I have got to spend some extended quality time with my son. My son lives 3 hours away from me which is very hard and you can hear me make reference to

him in the track ‘Sorry’ taken from the debut album ‘Save Yourself’.

“Every breath that comes from my son, I can feel it”

If you were in the position to create a supergroup around you, who would your band members be?

Great question, and with so many phenomenal players around it would be impossible to select. However, we are surrounded by very talented people in our local area, to name a few, Paul Smith (Drums), Jordan Swain (Drums), Neil Harland (Bass), James Henderson (Guitar), Andy Power (Guitar), Paddy Jordan (Recording/Mixing Engineer)

What is on the horizon for you?

For me, this project was never about making a living, or huge amounts of money. If that comes then I wouldn’t complain but this was about fulfilling something I feel I was meant to do and never did. It’s to fix that self satisfaction and make peace with myself. Music has offered me a much needed escape from the real world and honestly, I feel it has saved me many times. Focus now is on the new EP: Hurricane. I am particularly excited about the current track in the works called ‘Stars’.

“When I look at the stars,

I’m wondering where you are

All I wanted was time

For you and me”

How can people support Feed Your Wolves?

You can buy merch, music and more on the official Feed Your Wolves website.

Tell us your best joke!

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff... Badum Tish!


Find Feed Your Wolves on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify


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