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Artist of the Day: Major Moment

OK, let's say this right from the get-go: I already love this band!

Major Moment are a six piece Rock / Hard Rock / Alt Metal band from Boston, MA, who are pricking the ears of many a discerning music professional and I definitely feel that these folk are going to step up to the biggest stages in the near future. They state their main influences as Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon and Papa Roach.

"We're also influenced by a bunch of bands / musicians that are not in our genre. If an artist of any genre makes interesting music that vibes with us, they instantly (and often subconsciously) become an inspiration for us to try a new way of processing vocals, rhythmic pattern, or check out a new synth. For example, Billie Eilish. Love what she does, but you probably shouldn't expect Major Moment’s next single to be a lo-fi bedroom pop."

I dunno... I'd quite like to hear them do a cover of Bad Guy...

Listening to Major Moment's back catalogue, you are bound to notice all the intricate layers of instruments that make up each song. I asked the band how they create their music.

"Most of the time it starts with an instrumental idea, but sometimes some raw lyrics or at least a vision of what the song should be about comes rather quickly, the trick is to then stitch it all together seamlessly, before it’s gone."

You don't have to be a genius to notice the similarities to Linkin Park. Close your eyes and you could imagine that Major Moment actually ARE Linkin Park. Even vocalist Andrey Borzykin has something of the Chester Bennington to his voice. And so it was no surprise when the band explained what got them into music.

"Music itself got us into music. It was always there to help us during tough times, and to help us celebrate something good, so it was only natural that we wanted to return the favor, and be that support vessel for other people who might need it. Besides, we felt like there was not enough music out there that we enjoyed. Rock as a genre started to die out around 2010, and we felt it was our time to keep the legacy alive, but there was always something in the way: jobs, bills, other problems. The breaking point happened when Chester passed away. We took it very personally, and being life-long fans we still never expected this to happen. This tragic event kind of pushed us towards the “do it now, cause there might be no tomorrow” way of thinking. So we made the step into the unknown."

Two questions we ask everyone in our interviews are "Who would you most like to collaborate with" and "what song would you cover if you had the chance."

"Collaborating, it would be a long list of people. Obviously, Chester. Guys from Bring Me The Horizon. Daft Punk would be amazing! We could cover a lot of songs, we like a bunch of tunes and think we could’ve done a good job at giving them some Major Moment treatment, but the cover we’re proud of the most, and it’s the only one we decided to officially release is a tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park."

At this point, I could barely contain my excitement, as "Leave Out All The Rest" is my absolute favourite LP song. And let me tell you, the Major Moment treatment of the song takes it to another level. It is not a carbon copy of the original but a re-imagining of the greatness. Starting out in a restrained vocal, Andrey and fellow lead vocalist Sasha Razumova provide a beautiful two-part vocal line, and you are left anticipating that big crunching guitar to join in. Just when you think that will not happen - bam! there it is, along with the sweetest of guitar solos.

All proceeds from sales of the song go to 320 Changes Direction, a charity founded by Chester's widow in her dedication to help people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

The band have already started to amass an impressive back catalogue and each of their songs are quite brilliant, and I would urge you to follow some of the links below to hear more of their music. But what is on the horizon for Major Moment?

"We just released our new single “The Flood”. We are getting ready to work on a couple music videos, we got new songs ready to be released towards the end of the year, got some cool alternative versions of songs we already have out, 2 festival appearances scheduled for 2021, and much more. Our ultimate goal is to make this world a better place, to make an impact. One song, one small step at a time."

Just when we thought that this band was perfect, we asked our key question: when making tea, is it milk first or last?

"Milk last, I love to see how it dissolves..."

Oh well... I guess it takes all sorts!


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