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Artist of the Day: Prime

For our Artist of the Day, we catch up with Prime - before it's too late!

Please introduce yourselves! I'm Lee Heir, the singer of the band Prime. Currently in the band in it's dying embers is Chris D Bramley on lead guitar, and Stuart Boles on bass. We're a rock with elements of blues, punk and pop and we're based in the East Mildands, UK.

Who is your main inspiration? Us!

How do you put your songs together? It varies, we can write in jams but also as traditional guitar/vocal songwriting too.

What made you want to start in music? The idea of causing trouble and making a change.

What is on the horizon? We're putting the full-stop on Prime (UK Band), but I'm also excited about our final two singles and what the future might hold with new projects, be it writing, composing, etc.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? David Bowie or John Lennon would have been damn cool.

What is your ultimate goal? Just to make quality music and get paid for it.

If you could cover any song what would it be? 'Real Great Britain' by Asian Dub Foundation... I loved that song as a lad. 

Tea making: Milk first or last? It always ends in tears when you put the milk in first... Just ask Boris Johnson.

Tell us your funniest joke? The Kaiser Chiefs. 


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