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Artist of the Day - SPACEJAM (10 July)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Today we would like to introduce you to SPACEJAM. No, not the cult semi-animated movie from 1996...



SPACEJAM are Sebstian Parris: songwriter, guitarist, singer; Julian Bernard: Bass & Pat Bouet: Drummer 

Where are you based?

London and Geneva (Switzerland)

What genre would you describe yourself as?

Punk Power Pop, if this genre ever exists!

Tell us about your music?

Our music conveys several images, but mainly the image of life with its ups and downs. It's all about my feelings of being human and the interaction I have with other human beings. The stories I tell are all personal and speak a lot of love, ruptures, hope, disappointments, questions, betrayals ... In short, slices of life. In my last songs, I talk more about the system in which we are and which leads us to what we live today, that is to say, a world dictatorship which made us what it wanted and without anyone saying nothing!

There are no particular messages in my songs as they all are personal experiences or personal trips. The songs resonate with the mood you are in at the moment you'll listen to them or not. You'll either find them great or find them shitty and that's fine with me.

How do you write your songs?

Music always comes first when I write my songs. Then I find vocal guidelines on which I say a series of words without any logic, it is just to have the cutting of the syllables and finally, I put the words.

What made you want to start in music?

The first time I saw Elvis Presley on TV as a child, then the UK Punk "Movement" back in 1977 after seeing the Sex Pistols live during their Never mind the Bans Tour at the Uxbridge Brunel University in December of that same year. If I wasn't a musician I would probably be living on Mars or dead!

What is on the horizon for you?

I'm shooting our next video. I built, all the sets, created the storyboard, the characters etc ... The video should be ready during the month of July. Our record label The Animal Farm Music will make a "Radio Edit" of our song "Stay Alive" and it's this version of the song that will be in the video clip.

We are also working on our usual setlist with Pat and also working on my newest songs. I have more than twenty in stock, so we're quite busy. We are also preparing the next gigs and we are going to offer a lot of very fun things to make the audience and professionals in the music industry want to program us! We are not lacking in ideas and creativity.  2020 will be the year when Spacejam is launched into orbit.  Donald Trump said that in 4 years the Americans would finally walk on the moon, I can guarantee you that Spacejam will be there before and cheering them with a good old pint when they'll land lol! Who would you most like to collaborate with?

John Lennon and Robert Smith

What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to be free again and that the world becomes free again. Let the Human Being finally realize that we have been hypnotized by the mainstream media.Our destiny is indeed in our hands, it is we who will build our future and not a government, nor an organization and even less social networks! Fight for your rights and don't foolishly accept liberticide laws. The people have the power never forget it!

If you could cover any song, what would it be?

On a Plain by Nirvana

Tea making: milk first or last?


Tell us your funniest joke!

Del: Can't you just find The Bear? Albert: Well what does it look like? Del: Well it looks like a bloody rabbit don't it!!!


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