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Bringing the New Year in Gently...

Now that Christmas is over and we all have 2020 vision (how many times has THAT joke been done already?) it's quite possible that some are nursing delicate heads, courtesy of the dreaded Wine Flu. And so, because we are so good to you, we thought we'd start the year with gently, with a song called... err... Gently.

It took an immense amount of wallpaper paste to stick the band to the walls in this way

Michigan-based indie-pop quartet Pretoria began life at high school and they quickly forged a catchy pop style which has seen them release two EPs in two years, both filled with infectious tunes that would each easily fit within any discerning listeners collection. “We make music our audience likes, as catchy as possible,” says guitarist and founding member Josh Bilisko.

"Gently" is the new single and is the follow-up to last years' EP "Cape Town." Released at the end of November 2019, it's a 60's inspired piece of indie-surf pop that will bring a bit of cheer to these dark Winter nights. Here's a tune that is a somewhat different direction for the band. Sure, it retains the familiar surf-grooves but this track marks a definite grown-up feeling to it. Added to the music is a Latin tinge, creating a Roy Orbison/Camila Cabello type of beautiful hybrid. It's a happy sounding breakup tune.

It's a very clever cocktail of happy and sad, retro and modern, alternative and contemporary. It's definitely the tune you need if you're still nursing the New Year hangover and they are certainly one of the bands you need to hear throughout 2020.

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