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Broomhead give the brush-off with their single "Didn't Mean It"

Broomhead are a Manchester based Alt-Rock band formed in 2017. Since their inception they have built a steady following in their home town in Manchester and have garnered airplay across the globe. Their Debut release Petrichor (Part 1) was released to great reviews, with one reviewer calling it a ’collection of songs that bring with them great musicianship and powerful influence’ and calling the lead track ‘Lucas Lane’ a ‘masterpiece’.

"No, officer... we have no idea who graffiti'd our bands logo all over this shop front..."

After a fantastic 2018 filled with amazing gigs and festivals in support of such acts as Toploader, Chris Helme (Seahorses) and more recently Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Broomhead have continued to perform their award winning music (MWMC Songwriter of the year 2018) at venues across the north west. Demonstrating their abilities as a formidable rock act whilst also being able to show their softer side with a number of very well received acoustic shows and radio performances.

Their latest single "Didn't Mean It" is a perfect comedown if you've spent the weekend headbanging (do people still do that?) or dancing your feet off in some rave somewhere. It's a great indie pop/rock tune full of melancholy. It tells the tale of a breakup, of a couple's arguments and excuses, set to the backdrop of some beautifully simplistic instrumentation, a steady guitar and bass, backed up by some delightful piano and drums.

Frontman Dave Broomhead has a real nice tone to his voice, it's effortless and matches the feel of the song, with a heartfelt sadness coming through.

However, it was very sad to read reports on social media that drummer and founding member Ash decided to quit the band this week after 3 years and, whilst the band are clearly devastated, they wish him well. It's always a difficult time for bands when people decide to leave, and we understand that the band are considering their options at the moment. We hope that they continue releasing music because, as we're sure you'll agree, there's a really nice vibe around the Broomhead sound.

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