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Calling All Music Lovers: Let's Revive Our Top 20 Chart!

Greetings, fellow music enthusiasts and chart-curious souls! Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that's bound to rekindle your passion for tunes? Well, grab your headphones and get set to groove, because we're contemplating something exciting – bringing back our much-loved Top 20 Chart!

Imagine this: a world where you get to explore the most vibrant and diverse sounds that the music scene has to offer. From indie gems that make your heart skip a beat to chart-toppers that have you humming in the shower, our Top 20 Chart used to be your ultimate destination for discovering the hottest tracks and artists.

Slye "Waiting" - stayed in our charts forever!

Why Should We Revive the Chart, You Might Wonder?

First and foremost, because music is more than just notes and lyrics – it's an experience, a journey, a feeling that resonates deep within. Our Top 20 Chart celebrates this by curating a collection of tunes that define the current musical landscape. It's like a snapshot of what's making waves, a musical mirror reflecting the tastes and trends of the moment.

But there's more! Reviving our chart isn't just about the music; it's about the community. Our music-loving tribe coming together to discuss, debate, and bond over our shared passion. Remember those times when you'd eagerly await the new chart update, ready to celebrate your favourite song climbing up the ranks or cheer for a new entry that caught your ear? Let's bring back that excitement, that sense of camaraderie.

What's in It for You?

Imagine having a ready-made playlist that's meticulously crafted to satisfy your cravings for fresh beats and timeless melodies. Our Top 20 Chart promises exactly that. Whether you're a pop aficionado, a rock rebel, or an indie connoisseur, there's something for everyone on this musical rollercoaster.

Not only will you discover new songs that speak to your soul, but you'll also be part of the conversation. Share your thoughts, recommendations, and predictions with fellow music lovers. Who knows, you might even become the trendsetter who introduces the next big hit to our community!

Last of the Fallen Angels "Phase IV" became a firm favourite

We're All Ears: Your Opinion Matters!

But hold on, we're not striking up the band without hearing from you first. We value your opinion, your enthusiasm, and your musical insights. So, let's have a chat! Do you reckon reviving our Top 20 Chart is a harmonious idea? Are you prepared to dive back into the world of musical rankings and rediscover the joy of finding new favourites?

Head to the comments section and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback will guide us on this melodious adventure. After all, it's your passion that fuels the heartbeat of our musical community.

So, my fellow music aficionados, what say you? Are you ready to bring back the rhythm, reignite the discussions, and rediscover the magic of our Top 20 Chart? Let's create some musical memories together!

Alex Ohm "Hours" spent many... umm... hours in our char

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