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Canada vs UK - who produces the best music?

The music scene is thriving across the globe, none more so than in the UK and Canada.

The worlds second largest country by total area has brought us the likes of Bryan Adams, Leonard Cohen, deadmau5 and Justin Bieber. Bieber, we can can just about forgive Canada for, but why Celine Dion, for goodness sake? What did we do to deserve that?

The UK, on the other hand, donated the Beatles, Spice Girls, Oasis and Jedward. And Mr Blobby. Touché, our Canadian friends!

Here at It's Indie, we are very proud to be involved with some great artists from both great countries. But which country comes out as Top of the Pops? Let's have a look at a few artists from each side of the Atlantic and let the public decide!


It's always nice to chill out after a hard day at work. But who chills out better?

KAWALA "Moonlight"

Schyler London "Memories"


We all like a bit of good old-fashioned rock. My favourite is the mint stuff from the seaside. But who rocks the hardest?

Max Phoenix "Knife City"



Those catchy tunes that stick in your head! Here are some of the finest indie pop tunes for you to tap your feet to. Feel free to sing along.

METHODS "Mankind"



Possibly the hardest role in music, the solo artist. But who hold their own at the front of the stage?

Témi "Where Your Heart Is"

Bailey Tomkinson "Hey Ace"

Editors Pick

Well, we gotta have a wild card, don't we? These are our choices for the final selection!

The Jack Fletcher Band "What Are You Waiting For?"

DAHLIA "Dreamlova"


Over to you. Does Canada win the battle of the countries? Or does the UK take the title? Comment below and tell us what you think?

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